Everybody Wins

PROOF OF TOSS is a decentralized betting ecosystem that is aimed to modernize and change the betting industry. Our platform allows anyone to create wagers, bet and judge – all for the purpose of winning TOSS tokens. What sets PROOF OF TOSS apart from the rest, is that we also cater to existing Bookmakers and other “players” of the betting industry.

By providing a solution that serves as a gateway to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with all their perks, we aim to enhance the betting experience, while increasing the service provider’s profit margins and market coverage.

Public Sale ends in:

Start 24/04/2018

48 days : 12 : 56 : 14

End 24/06/2018

V Soft Cap:
0 ETH or
Hard Cap:
0 ETH or

Amount Raised

or 0 USD
Token Price1 ETH = 10 000 TOSS
Volume bonusStarting with 71 ETH – 30% 5 month freeze
Time BonusDay 1 – 15%Day 2-3 – 10%Day 4-7 – 5%Day 8+ – 0%
Volume and time bonuses are not summed up

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Who we are?

With years of experience in the betting and gambling industries, the leaders of PROOF OF TOSS were at the forefront of Bitcoin adaptation. Starting as early as 2011 we have been prospering from the new possibilities that blockchain has brought. The time has come to put our experience and expertise in both blockchain, cryptocurrencies and especially betting, to good use.

We have set on a path to innovate the betting industry. Smart contracts for smart people and smart business. PROOF OF TOSS will bring better odds, lower fees, greater market coverage, higher margins and an opportunity to benefit for every user of our ecosystem.


The biggest issue with any type of gamble is trust. Whenever we gamble online, we put our trust in multiple intermediaries. First we trust the payment solution provider to deliver our money to an operator, and then we trust the operator to place our bet on an outcome of our choosing and return it with our profits if the bet was placed on the winning outcome. The operator places trust in sportsbook providers, it’s own employees and agents to deliver the right results. Everyone wants a cut, making it ever so harder to win.

PROOF OF TOSS is a decentralised, non-profit ecosystem, whose sole purpose is to democratise betting.


All you need is blockchain and good UI

  • Transparent transactions
  • Wisdom of the crowd
  • Smart contracts
  • Multiple roles
  • Instant payouts
  • Dispute resolution
  • Global coverage

Token Sale information

Price: 10 000 TOSS = 1 ETH

1,000,000,000 TOSS tokens
The minimum token emission, in case hard cap is reached, will be 1 021 428 571 TOSS

Date and time of the token sale: 24 APR 9:00 UTC
Token sale ends on June, 24 or as soon as hard cap is reached.






We are a collective of both young and seasoned professionals. With core experience in gambling, betting, development, marketing and business we are confident that with your help PROOF OF TOSS will take off to the moon.

Azamat Akylov

Azamat Akylov

Founder and Chairman

Azamat was introduced to gambling in the early 90’s, having received his first job as a croupier in a small town casino. For the next 10 years, he confidently moved up the career ladder and in practice studied the principles of both the casino and bookmaking businesses, in order to subsequently open his own business in this field. Within the framework of ICE exhibition, Azamat acquired valuable contacts, among them – his future partner in the development of PROOF OF TOSS, Dmitry.
Refused Dmitry’s proposal to add bitcoin to his bookmaker website back in 2013. A year later, however, Azamat was actively studying Bitcoin technology and was well aware of its potential. Come spring of 2017 we formed a team that was ready to look for an opportunity to develop a bookmaking project with the implementation of blockchain technology.
“If we were as aware of this technology in 2009-2010, we would not have appreciated its capabilities and would have spent all our bitcoins on pizza. Now, however, we are where we should be and we are doing what we must. I firmly believe that we are changing the world of betting.”

Dmitry Starostenkov

Dmitry Starostenkov


Dmitry is an established entrepreneur and a seasoned executive with over 10 years experience in IT. Founder, business angel and operator of multiple startups in the fields of software development, payment processing, and independent software solutions. A known figure in the field of gaming, a close friend and business partner to PROOF OF TOSS founder and chairman Azamat.
Dmitry is a key figure in PROOF OF TOSS, having expertise in betting, blockchain and development make him a great asset and one of the projects driving forces.
“I’ve been exposed to Bitcoin and blockchain since 2013, have been following the technology closely since then, spent a bunch of bitcoins on coffee and snacks. PROOF OF TOSS is an idea that has been “brewing” in our minds for quite some time, and I am very fortunate to be part of it, the project has great potential to radically change the betting industry as a whole.”

Eugene Pavlenko

Eugene Pavlenko


Eugene has been programming all his life; he thoroughly studied major technologies in development and coding. Since the beginning of the new millennium, he began trying himself in start-ups, growing to the position of a lead developer; he contributed to several successful projects. Driven by good intuition in business and personal ambitions, he went into freelancing and until 2010 studied IT business in practice, carrying out orders for private clients. The growing number of orders led to the formation of his company AXIOMA. Years later, a joint interest in blockchain, led to the creation of a new marketing agency for ICO projects, To The Moon Lab.

“Despite my experience in development of large IT projects, as a manager and as a programmer I am genuinely struck by the possibilities of blockchain technology. I’m happy to use all my knowledge and skills in working on a project like PROOF OF TOSS.”

Eugene Malahov

Eugene Malahov


Eugene has a combination of business, design, marketing, and client management skills which make him the all-around athlete. His understanding of key global markets and business development and growth in a global context is an important dimension. On a personal level, he’s a pleasure to work with – great sense of humor and unflappable.

Despite only getting into understanding blockchain and crypto in mid-2017, Eugene firmly believes that on a global scale he is still an early adopter of the technology.

“We are 10 years in, a technology that has not yet found global adaptation and real-world use case scenarios apart from being a transactional mechanism. My goal with PROOF OF TOSS is to bring new users to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”

Nikolay Savchenko

Nikolay Savchenko

Software Engineer

Nikolay is passionate Blockchain & AI technology explorer and creator of new smart and secure paths in Crypto-currency world. Experienced in IT business and researching of solving problems using different computer modeling in various science and academic researchers. Developing applications that are efficient and solid inside and out is one of the main priorities for him. Applications, that people actually want to use. He has been doing this since the 2005 year.

“I love working with professionals that are absolutely ambitious and I encourage everyone to overcome our personal ambitions and act as a team to create something beautiful, amazing, extraordinary and grow together.”

Dmitry Abrosimov

Dmitry Abrosimov

Software/Web Developer

Dmitry was passionate about innovation and computer science since he was a kid. He constantly tried to broaden his knowledge to lead his projects to success. Today Dmitry is accomplished Software Engineer with 10 years professional background in software development, web development, blockchain technical staffs, support Token Sale launch.

“I am passionate about fulfilling business’ needs by creating high-quality software solutions. I am very interested in work where the value will be added to the company every day. My best talents are shown up when I work inside a united professional team as PROOF OF TOSS. Developing applications that are efficient and solid inside and out is one of the main priorities for me.”

Kanat Amrenov

Kanat Amrenov

Blockchain Evangelist

In 2011, working in the IT department of a bank Kanat came across an emerging technology called the Blockchain. Getting familiar with the technology, he began to mine Bitcoins with video-cards. Organized a mining pool that was joined by miners from other countries. The mining pool had to be closed due to the increasing complexity of calculations. Kanat quickly realized that the current banking system is lacking in transparency and efficiency in comparison to decentralized solutions.

After resigning from the bank and devoting himself to the study of blockchain and crypto, he set up a company that is currently developing a cryptocurrency exchange for Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The company was also the first bitcoin ATM operator in Kazakhstan.

“I think that a larger number of functional “altcoins” including Ethereum can be implemented in Bitcoins main chain using sidechain technology. PROOF OF TOSS is aimed at doing exactly that, being among the first to utilize RSK’s smart contracts.”

Abzal Almaganbetov

Abzal Almaganbetov


His professional career Abzal began in IT immediately after graduating from a technical university. Engaged in IT business in the banking segment, in 2014 he transitioned to study Bitcoin and started earning money from trading cryptocurrencies. After his first Bitcoin-transaction went through, Abzal was inspired by the technology of blockchain and began to study the new technology. Since then, Abzal has come a long way from a trader to an ICO analyst and successfully invested in dozens of projects.

“I am sure that we are at the very beginning of blockchain evolution and it’s got a great future ahead! Such projects as PROOF OF TOSS, which our team is working on, not only modernize the gaming industry, but also bring blockchain to the masses, and that is exactly what we need to change the world for the better.”

Konstantin Rukin

Konstantin Rukin


Serial entrepreneur in IT. Started his career in 2002 as director of small web development company, tried several directions in IT industry and 8 years ago co-founded his first IT company AXIOMA. Always excited about new technologies, in 2017 shifted his attention to the crypto industry and co-launched ToTheMoonLab: an ICO marketing agency, which, complementary to AXIOMA’s blockchain development services, provides a turn-key solution to new businesses in the crypto world.

“I am happy to help the PROOF OF TOSS team reach their goal and change the whole betting industry with the help of blockchain technologies and the undeniable benefits they provide”

Ksenija Tocilina

Ksenija Tocilina

Marketing Manager

While getting her masters degree in PR Ksenija started her career in Sanoma Magazines as Marketing Manager for special projects: City Racing (F1 cars) and Top Gear Live show. Ksenija then, set on a path to gain further experience: developed an ad. campaign for Israel Ministry of Tourism, helped with the launch of iOS applications and consulted marketing.

Ksenija discovered blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs in 2016. That interest led to a Marketing Manager position at TO THE MOON LAB and subsequently PROOF OF TOSS.

“I consider this project to be the most significant in my professional career to date and believe that by joining forces, I and my team will succeed in sending it TO THE MOON!”

Ellina Poponnikova

Ellina Poponnikova

PR Manager

Experienced marketing and PR manager with a background in media and journalism. Ellina has a master’s degree in journalism and used to work as PR manager in The Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow, Russia. Wrote and edited news and organized thе work process of journalists in Rosbalt, a major news outlet in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ellina is a Marketing and PR manager at TO THE MOON LAB and is currently responsible for contributing to the development of the PROOF OF TOSS marketing strategy, organization and coordination of marketing campaigns, analyzing the performance of marketing campaigns, establishing relations with media as well as creating content for press releases and blog posts.

“I believe that blockchain and “crypto” are the future. PROOF OF TOSS is an enticing example of how an existing traditional market can benefit from this new tech. I’m very excited to help such a great idea become a reality.”

Iryna Rybalchenko

Iryna Rybalchenko

Digital Media Manager

After receiving her Master’s degrees in Economics and Philology, Iryna started her career path in consulting, where she gained experience in strategy development, project management, business planning and analysis. Teaching English helped her develop emotional intelligence and people skills, that enhanced her natural ability to find common ground with various people.

In 2016 Iryna began exploring the world of blockchain, learning about cryptocurrencies, blockchain itself and ICOs. In 2017 she joined the TO THE MOON LAB as Digital Media Manager. Currently, as part of the team, she is working on PROOF OF TOSS.

“I believe in the success of PROOF OF TOSS as it is aimed at disrupting the industry, leveraging the power of blockchain. I am proud to be a part of the team that will bring this project TO THE MOON.”

Alexandra Pogodaeva

Alexandra Pogodaeva

Community Manager

Aleksandra is a committed professional, with a flair to connect with people, manage, and organize. She is an open-minded person, full of ideas and driven by all things marketing related, especially in the digital space. Working as freelance Social Media Manager and Communication Officer and loving science and technology, she’s been very inspired by Blockchain Technology. She believes that the blockchain will change the way the economy operates worldwide.
“I strongly believe in the power of Blockchain Technology as a great instrument for a transparent, efficient and fairer society!”


Dmitrijs Kacanovs

Dmitrijs Kacanovs

KYC/AML Advisor

Dmitrijs is a CEO of Cryptolawyer and Chairman of Association of Latvian payment and electronic money service providers and former Board Member at Dukascopy Payments. Furthermore, he is also an expert in anti-money laundering regulation and a Board Member at ACAMS Baltic Chapter. Dmitrijs is our strategic partner in regard to AML/KYC and gaming regulation.

“I am full of enthusiasm to be an advisor of this new project. PROOF OF TOSS is a place where blockchain technology intertwines with the betting industry. When traditional markets adopt new technologies, there are always many opportunities to change how the industry works for the better and learn something new in the process. I am happy to see that new projects are very serious about KYC/AML rules and regulations and believe that my expertise will provide value for PROOF OF TOSS”.

Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew

General Advisor

20 years experience in investment banking, fintech, & real estate. Last 3 years investing and trading crypto currencies. Worked on Wall Street for 10+ years in trading and investment banking. Stephen has raised over $1 billion in financing for his clients, ranging from small to medium size companies. With CGC Stephen oversees the day to day operation of the fund from analyzing investments to speaking with high net worth individuals and family offices. Member Yale Club NYC.